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Series » B » Battlestar Galactica » Season 1 » Episode 16

Battlestar Galactica Season 1 Episode 16 - War of the Gods (2)

Release year
Sci-fi, Action, Adventure
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Starbuck is engaged in a game of triad (by Earth standards a mixture of basketball and football) and is consistently struck by hot-tempered bullying Flight Sergeant Ortega, whose low-blows to Starbuck finally result in a fight and ejection of both from the game. Starbuck nearly resumed the fight with Ortega but is stopped by Cassiopeia. Both men separate and after Ortega cleans up he is confronted - and found shot to death. Starbuck is seen rushing to the shuttle bay before Ortega's body is found - and when Starbuck's laser gun is tested it is found to be the murder weapon. Now incarcerated, Starbuck is at wit's end protesting his innocence and driven to force an escape. He boards his viper but is persuaded to stop by Apollo, and Apollo, checking on Ortega's background, learns that Ortega knew a man named Charybdis - who turns out to be the man who was Baltar's personal pilot and a co-conspirator whose sabotage of Inter-Colony Defense computer systems made possible the complete success of the Cylon attack on the Colonies. Apollo and Boomer learn that Ortega had blackmailed three men into boarding the Rising Star illegally during the Cylon attack, but the only way to smoke out the real traitor is to get the cooperation of Baltar, who proves to be the unlikeliest of heroes in saving Apollo and Starbuck.