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Series » B » Battlestar Galactica » Season 1 » Episode 10

Battlestar Galactica Season 1 Episode 10 - The Magnificent Warriors

Release year
Sci-fi, Action, Adventure
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A year has elapsed since the Galactica began the voyage of the fugitive Colonial Fleet on their quest for the mythical planet Earth, and fleet wide supplies of fuel are now critically low, to the point where the civilian fleet must shut down ship thrusters and coast through space. Patrolling well ahead of the Fleet, Captain Apollo and Lieutenant Starbuck come under fire - but after a prolonged pursuit their attackers turn out to be Colonial Vipers! These Vipers are flown by Lieutenants Sheba and Bojay, ace pilots from the battlestar Pegasus, a battlestar thought destroyed two years earlier in the Cylon empire's conquest of the allied human world Molecay. Apollo and Starbuck are flown to the Pegasus and meet its legendary commander, Cain. Eventually the Pegasus reaches a rendezvous with the Galactica and Cain, greeted as a conquering hero for returning from the dead as well as for returning Apollo and Starbuck alive and well, informs Commander Adama about Gomoray, the capital planet of the empire of Delphia, a civilization that has been utterly exterminated by the Cylons. Gomoray is now a Cylon outer capital and contains a vast store of Tylium fuel that will restock the Fleet perfectly, but Cain is more concerned with using the Galactica to help him conquer the planet, an attack plan Adama adamantly vetoes because two battlestars cannot conquer the heavily-armed Gomoray garrison, and it will expose the civilian fleet to Cylon base stars. Cain accedes to a plan to intercept and capture a pair of Cylon Tylium tankers for the civilian fleet, but insists that a squadron from the Pegasus be involved. The reason why becomes evident when the combined phalanx from the Galactica and Pegasus finds the two tankers and take on its escorting force of Cylon Raiders - while Apollo leads the fight against the Cylons, Cain uses that as cover to blast both tankers out of the universe, thus forcing the Galactica to go along with an invasion of Gomoray to capture its fuel stocks. Adama, however, orders some of the Pegasus' fuel supply siphoned off and transfered to the civilian fleet, and forces Cain to confess to sabotaging the tanker mission; Cain is thus relieved of all command and Colonel Tigh placed in command of the Pegasus. This leads to a confrontation between Galactica officers led by Apollo and Pegasus officers led by Sheba, Cain's daughter, and Bojay - a confrontation aborted when a gigantic armada of Cylon Raiders under the personal command of Baltar finds the Flet and attacks the Galactica, landing telling fire into the Galactica's port flight bay and strafing civilian ships throughout the fleet, overwhelming the Galactica's badly outnumbered Viper phalanx. But the besieged Galactica has one last trump to play, as Cain is immediately reinstalled as commander of the Pegasus.......